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NIPPON SEIZO Inc. brings Japanese manufacturing technology to the world.
We solve problems with innovative solutions.
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Comprehensive Support Enabled
by Collaborative Networking

The NIPPON SEIZO Inc., a collective of distinguished manufacturing companies
in Japan boasting exceptional technological prowess and skilled craftsmanship,
is dedicated to swiftly delivering tailored solutions that effectively address your specific concerns.

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Solution Group

The NIPPON SEIZO Inc., composed of domestic manufacturing companies possessing exceptional skills and craftsmen,
proposes the best solutions for customer concerns and requests quickly and efficiently.

  • Factory Automation Devices Group
    Factory Automation
    Devices Group
    We offer automated machinery designed and produced by our FA Equipment Manufacturing Group, enabling time and cost savings, as well as increased productivity through streamlining and unmanned operations.
  • Metal Processing Group
    Metal Processing Group
    Utilizing various technologies and expertise in areas such as press processing, laser cutting, aluminum fabrication, sheet metal work, and industrial equipment manufacturing, we provide total support from design to processing, welding, and assembly.
  • Building Materials Logistics Manufacturing Group
    Building Materials Logistics
    Manufacturing Group
    We are a trusted M-Grade certified steel structural materials manufacturer with years of experience, catering to both small-scale and large-scale projects. We manufacture steel structural materials tailored to various applications.
  • Resin & Specialty Processing Group
    Resin & Specialty Processing Group
    We have the ability to develop new products that meet your specific needs, leveraging our unique expertise in resin processing, transparent resin film products, thermal transfer foils, and more.
  • Food Manufacturing Group
    Food Manufacturing Group
    We possess problem-solving capabilities to bridge the gap between creation and product in the world of food, enabling us to develop products that align with our customers' desires and aspirations.
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Group
    Semiconductor Manufacturing Group
    We perform integrated production from planning to parts procurement, manufacturing, and assembly in the design of semiconductor circuits and boards, and the manufacture of wire harnesses. We have established a supply system that can meet diverse needs.

Product Examples

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NIPPON SEIZO Inc. is an enterprise group comprised of outstanding manufacturing companies from Japan. Through collaboration among these companies, we offer optimal solutions for a wide range of challenges and requests. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Solutions Offered

  • One-stop support
    for a wide range of challenges
    NIPPON SEIZO Inc. collaborates across its group of companies to address diverse needs, offering integrated solutions.
    From component manufacturing to the implementation of automation systems, we provide comprehensive support in product development, process improvement, and quality management, all tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Outsourcing and
    Contract Manufacturing
    Let NIPPON SEIZO Inc. handle your production and processing needs.
    We offer tailored solutions using our optimal facilities and expertise across our group of companies.
    From design to delivery, we provide comprehensive support.